Take Your Time


This installation is a secluded space filled with the sound and scent that we often associate with gardens. A space that contrasts with the cold environment outside, this project is designed to be installed during the winter period. Inviting the viewer to walk in, stop, sit and experience the calmness and warmth of a green space.

A series of fabric cones were installed from the ceiling. Gallery was filled with herbs and flowers to send a subtle scent throughout the space. The cone forms were suspended from the ceiling by creating a simple webbing structure across the top using a strong fishing line and crimps the entire structure were virtually weightless and partially invisible to the viewer, creating an illusion of elevation and suspension once the entire piece has been installed. Cones were hanging at slightly different heights allowing the visitors to walk in between this will also visually extend the space as the walls are partly hidden behind the cones.

Cones were made out of pure cotton using plant extracts to dye the fabric creating varying degrees and shades of green.

Floor was covered with leaves of particular color hand picked in the forest. The color of leaves was slowly changing through out the duration of the exhibition going from bright yellow to dark brownish grey.

Sounds from the garden were quietly filtered into the gallery to create an entire sensory experience whilst encountering the space and bring a sense of the forest inside.