“House…it is both cell and world. Here, geometry is transcended”
Gaston Bachelard. The Poetics of Space


Slow metamorphose from 9 casted impersonalised shape to unique hand sculpted objects is a metaphor of transformation that slowly happened with emotional perception while experiencing the space.

Ice has been chosen as a material to combine with glass as they have the same refraction properties that creates an illusion of clear unified object; at the same time those visually similar materials have very different relationships with time. Through out the melting process the sculpture transform, as it is hard to identify the edge between glass and ice. Time reveal hidden meanings and personalise objects that originally looked the same. Those objects are to be explored and experienced through the process of transformation that opens up new essence to them.

Originally equal geometrical spaces could trap or contain the universe. This project gave an opportunity to play with shrinking and expanding spaces inside what is considered as one.

Transparency of selected materials suggests those object are only phontomes, that also constanly change refracting and reflecting environment.

Transformation video

This project is an attempt to distinguish how perception of space can transform depending on personal experience. Why some homes that were inhabited come back in a nightmares and thinking of others give mental piece? What is the general mood, impression, dream that stays in memory?