I want (?) to be just like you


I want(?) to be just like you.FullQualitySize 60 x 60 x 7 cm
Materials: Wood, porcelain, nano stains, black clay
Protected with perspex cover


This artwork contrast natural uncontrolled beauty of twigs to factory made, perfect poles that twigs turned to in order to become “useful” and “clean”. Clean of any signs of personality. When I am looking around I see more beauty in uncontrolled processes then in soulless repetitive aiming for perfection.

In this work I am talking about quite simple and even everyday type of freedom – uniqueness. We all are born unique, yet it is the quality that is easy to loose without even noticing…Freedom is the ability to be different, not perfect. Perfect is one, different creates variety that opens up richness of possibilities.

In this work I also explore freedom throughout making process allowing each material to say. The final outcome of this work is out of my control. I only set the frames; the guidelines to the material, letting it create according to its nature.

It is impossible to copy any of the pieces I made. The final outcome of my work is unpredictable yet absolutely unique and that is why incredibly exiting for me. I enjoy this freedom.