Perpendicular at ARTHOUSE1

‘Perpendicular’ is the title of the first site-specific exhibition to be held at Arthouse1. It is also the name of the artist duo, Kim Norton and Alexandra (Sasha) Mazur-Knyazeva. The two artists met at Central St Martins and have been working in collaboration since 2011. They see themselves and their work as twin axes, radiating from a point where two lines meet, their work sharing a common origin or concept that allows them the freedom to branch out and express their own individuality.

The installation combine a series of working ideas they have been developing for some time, with their response to the light and space of the gallery. The work will exploit their primary interest in transparency and the casting of shadows and the way in which light changes the perspective of an object and transforms our perception of it. The physical space of the gallery and the movement of the viewers around and through it, will be an integral part of the work.

Images of the space

Collection of prints on aluminium by Alexandra

Prints are integral to the light at the space and vary depending on time of the day,  view angle and even weather. 

Light installations by Alexandra









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