Artist Residency in Motherhood

1 of August 2016 – 1 of May 2017

My Artist residency result in a set of pocket sized embroided artist books

Artist book 2016/2017





A collection of pocket sized fabric books embroided daily reflects the first year of a new life.

This project is completely process driven. 

Existing in a diary format are textile and embroidered sketches, collage, textures and small elements that have been found nearby. Testing different materials and a constant search for a media that would fit around an unpredictable routine lead me towards embroidery. I initially began researching the fabric books made by Louise Bourgeois and the history of textiles as a medium for making. 

Women have used textiles as a tool for communication for centuries it’s also a material that has been used and created within a domestic environment or the comfort of ones home. It’s portable, meditative, quiet, slow, and assessable. Making  a creative life more accessible during the first steps of motherhood. 

My daily approach reflected on each page has been formed around the experiences shared by two people. These pages show a selectiveness of memory, perception and duality of this process. leading to embroidery backs represented as equal to the fronts stating as separate image on a page. During the first year of motherhood the challenges and joy you face can often be slightly overwhelming 

A fear of losing my own identity and the energy it requires to simply organise the chaos has been an integral starting point for Artist Book 2016/2017.