72 x 7


72 by 7 is a piece that grown up from old web covered wooden board that was found in a damp. Marks of mold, cracks and holes of a wood worm looked beautiful. This wooden board had it’s own caracter.

Due to the look of nails and some other holding systems that were attached to the board it was decided that the wood used to be a part of the Waterways construction, possibly used in some part of a Victorian Lock, which standard size used to be aproximately seventy two by seven feets.

All old Victorian handmaid nails should be deleted and replaced it with handmaid porcelin nails sculpted in a way to look deformed. To represent the story of the wood the Waterways map was printed to the tops of the porcelain nails. This wood came from somewhere on this map. Little letters encourage viewer to come closer… and so to notice the beauty of all little cracks, holes and naturally created and preserved patterns of the wood.

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