Adler’s Window Display


Adler’s window display project. An artistic collaboration between London’s fine jewellers, The Royal College of Art and Central Saint Martins.

In our project we wanted to emphasize this collaboration between a fashion institution, Vogue, and a high-end jewellery house, Adler. We therefore decided to present a humorous catwalk show with Adler Jewellery worn as glamorous outfits on black ceramic silhouettes.

The window display that is cut in two by a pillar was fully used as the left hand side represented the catwalk, the right hand side the backstage. There also were staircases and extra floors, in order to utilize the whole high of the window. The catwalk had eleven mannequins moving on the stage, thanks to an electric system, transforming the viewers on the other side of the glass into the catwalk’s public. The silhouettes were all alternate so people would have to stop and watch in order to discover all the creations.

The backstage was filled with the silhouettes interacting with each other: helping in dressing up, posing for photo shoots or simple having a chat. Other props such as clothe hangers and chairs were added to help recall the frenetic abundance of the backstage.

Backstage of the fashion show


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