This sculpture is a reflection on life in big cities. The faceted structure of the cones shaped of cloned objects that are sharp, frozen and plain. The light and fragile butterfly dashing around inside the cone represent internal movement that is trapped inside of a motionless, structured form. The repetitiveness of the cloned forms increases the feeling of a cold static trap. Cone shapes positioned to create structure with boarders that could expand or shrink without changing the essence of the piece specially to adapt the artwork to the space it is displayed in.


Porcelain, projection, wooden case.

Technical information

The butterfly on the photograph is a lively projection dashing around inside the cone. The animation was calculated to absorb the deformation of the butterfly on the curved internal surface of the conic form, for the silhouette to look realistic.


“While Moscow Young Art Biennale, visitors were trying to save the captured butterfly by attempting to free it by lifting the cones. This interaction with the audience through artwork becomes an important point for my future art practice.”

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